Handz Uganda Limited (HUL) is an agribusiness company incorporated in Uganda in 2011 and has since been working with and giving support to smallholder coffee farmers with the aim of increasing both the quality and quantity of their produce thereby creating a reliable and sustainable supply chain to the company’s factory for processing and value addition and trade in both local and export markets.

We train the farmers in good agricultural practices including farm management – from preparation, Integrated Pest Management, climate-smart agriculture, postharvest-handling and collective marketing

We provide clean planting materials of both Robusta and Arabica coffee – including disease-resistant varieties like (CWD) resistant lines.

We’ve helped the farmers to increase their yields and so is their income, reducing on household poverty and becoming more food secure.

We are tackling eradication of poverty through enhanced household incomes, and promotion of market led agriculture development through sustainable practices. We work through integrated systems and linkages between markets and agricultural products – a holistic approach that seeks to produce more food crops & cash crops more sustainably, reduce negative environmental impact, while achieving high farm yields.

To know about Handz Uganda Limited more, Our care in the sourcing of coffee has helped us to supply the best quality coffee to our clients. We know where our coffee comes from and we maintain best handling practices to deliver the best coffee thus ensuring sustainability in the value chain.

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